R&D Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Energy Efficiency

jeffrey owen operating the waterjet

The mission of R&D CAMEE is to accelerate economic growth by supporting and advancing application based innovation through energy efficient manufacturing principles in order to drive manufacturing technology solutions for current and furture markets.

The R&D Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Energy Efficiency (R&D CAMEE), is an initiative of the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center developed to accelerate economic growth throughout Southern Virginia. R&D CAMEE stimulates economic growth through the supply of advanced manufacturing and energy efficient solutions to manufacturers by means of innovative technology and techniques. R&D CAMEE is located in the SVHEC Innovation Center in downtown South Boston, VA.

The SVHEC Innovation Center is equipped with an advanced machining center, computer labs, multi-use classrooms, research assistant support spaces, 80-seat conference center, a student studio & and prototype space (view a listing of R&D CAMEE’s hardware & software assets).  These assets ensure staff, researchers, students, and manufacturers have the necessary resources to deliver ground-breaking innovations focused on manufacturing and energy efficiency.  R&D CAMEE is staffed with a professional team whose knowledge, experience, and expertise supports manufacturers and entrepreneurs engaged in applied research.cnc-5axis

R&D CAMEE achieves its outcomes through collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, the manufacturing industry, and developmental partners. R&D CAMEE accelerates economic growth through support and advanced application-based innovation to drive and implement new manufacturing technology and energy efficiency.  R&D CAMEE has a strong network of academic & industry partners that allow our collaborative efforts to uphold the best practice standards in advanced manufacturing.


To establish and advance real-world industrial manufacturing techniques, technologies, and processes utilizing energy efficiency and advanced manufacturing by investing resources and bringing organizations together to focus on opportunity-led innovation.


Staff, members, and partners of R&D CAMEE are committed to upholding the best standards that advanced manufacturing and energy efficiency can offer, and to adhering to the high standards of our benchmark institution, the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.  This includes the following:
    •    Dedication Integrity
    •    Co-Operation Fairness
    •    Confidentiality Openness
    •    Exclusivity Sharing
    •    Integrity
    •    Fairness
    •    Openness
    •    Collaboration

    •    To contribute to the testing field by application of lean manufacturing, reduced waste, reusable product, reduced costs,
          improved quality, and reduced costs.
    •    To direct our growth in the areas of advanced manufacturing and energy efficiency where we display the ability to gather people
         and capabilities to augment these areas as well as build on these areas where we can make unique and worthy contributions.
    •    To strive without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our innovations; to be the standard of comparison
          and to be recognized as a center of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.
    •    To educate, promote, and sustain the growth of the Innovation Center while we reach our goals.
    •    To maintain collaborative efforts between industry and government organizations in order to ensure the best innovative designs
          are accomplished, allowing manufacturers to implement applied solutions.


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