R&D Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Energy Efficiency

jeffrey owen operating the waterjet

The mission of R&D CAMEE is to accelerate economic growth by supporting and advancing application based innovation through energy efficient manufacturing principles in order to drive manufacturing technology solutions for current and future markets.

R&D CAMEE was established in 2006 as one of the six energy centers established by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission (TICRC). R&D CAMEE is home to millions of dollars in hardware and software assets including 3 and 5 axis CNC routers, a waterjet router, reverse engineering technology and Siemens Go-PLM (product lifecycle management) Team Center. We provide three core services to small and medium sized businesses:virtrophy-tudor-web
•    Technology Adoption
•    Custom Production Runs
•    Applied Research

Technology Adoption: R&D CAMEE assists small and medium sized businesses with adopting hardware and software technologies that increase efficiencies in production. Whether its creating a digital rendering from a technical drawing, producing a full scale prototype, or integrating a new piece of equipment, R&D CAMEE staff provides hands-on assistance. We work with clients to provide production cost analysis, and hardware and software training. We help clients understand the entire process, from design to manufacture, of adopting new advanced manufacturing technology.

Custom Production Runs: R&D CAMEE uses its advanced manufacturing capabilities to create limited run productions of custom pieces. Capabilities and clients range from a lightweight coil winder for international corporation ABB to a custom, topographically accurate trophy for Virginia International Raceway. R&D CAMEE staff work with clients to design, engineer, and manufacture a range of products. This service provides a valuable service to our clients, and gives R&D interns the opportunity to work with clients on real-world projects.

Applied Research: R&D CAMEE embraces a philosophy of little r, BIG D meaning we
take a hands-on, applied approach to research and development. Our research ranges from producing affordable, energy-efficient housing to certifying Southern Yellow Pine as a building material for Cross Laminated Timbers. R&D CAMEE’s research has led to a pending patent on a unique adaptive walking stick (The Raising Cane Project). While the projects differ, they all have the common purpose of leading to the advancement of southern Virginia’s economic potential. Applied research that leads to new products, processes, or industries is our ultimate goal.



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