disastersim 2016Car crash. Sirens. Multiple patients with serious injuries. This is just one scene from an upcoming simulated training event at the Center of Nursing Excellence.


On Friday, April 13th, the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center’s Center of Nursing Excellence (SVHEC-CNE) will host a five-hour simulated ER training event with Southside Virginia Community College first and second year RN students and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) students. The event will start with a simulated car accident in the SVHEC parking lot. EMS students will arrive on the scene, triage patients and transport them to the “ER.” The SVHEC-CNE’s five-bed basic skills lab will be transformed into an emergency room where the patients from the accident join other patients who are in the ER with various illnesses and conditions including chest pain, COPD, and a drug overdose.

To heighten the realism of the event, SVHEC-CNE is offering one lucky winner an opportunity to win a walk on role and participate in the live simulation. For a chance to win, individuals must visit www.nursingishere.com and complete the Healthcare Careers Survey. Survey participants will be entered in a drawing, and the winner will be notified by April 6th.

Ann Bishop, RN and CNE Associate Director said, “An event like this provides an opportunity for health professions students to practice thinking on their feet in a fictional emergency situation. The patient conditions will mimic scenarios that happen in real emergency rooms every day. The scripted “walk on role” for an ER visitor or two will further add realism!”

For more information on the SVHEC-CNE’s Simulated ER Training Event, contact Virginia Byrd at 434-572-5568 or virginiabyrd@svhec.org, or check out the contest on Facebook at the page Nursing in Southern Virginia.