Job Training

The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) opens doors to the well-paying jobs that people in our communities are seeking. At SVHEC, you’ll have access to the short-term, hands-on training and credentials you need to qualify for these jobs. We’re proud that our training programs have an average post-training employment rate of 89.5%.

We know it’s not always easy to act on these opportunities, but we’re trying to tear down all the barriers we can. Financial assistance is available to our students, and we’ve got new transportation options underway as well. Our technically sophisticated education space and state-of-the-art facilities are located right here in southern Virginia, with day and evening classes to make everything as accessible as possible.

Check out our job training options and choose your path to greater earning potential and career advancement.

Success Stories
We believe there's opportunity for everyone in our community. Meet a few people who have seized this opportunity to change their life.
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Take advantage of learning employability skills to help you gain and keep a job once you have the skills.
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College degree and job training programs await you at the SVHEC.
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