IT Fundamentals+

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is the starting point for you to “skill up” and earn certifications to prepare for a career in IT. This 10-week course introduces you to IT concepts and terminology, helps you figure out if a career in IT is right for you, and provides the information you need to pursue an IT career pathway.

IT Fundamentals+ can be taken in-person or virtually. Through classroom instruction and online guided activities, you will learn skills related to:

  • setting up peripherals and establishing and securing a network connection to a laptop or PC
  • using features and functions of common operating systems
  • managing software applications
  • software development
  • database fundamentals
  • security concepts, concerns, and best practices

This training leads to CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification. After completing IT Fundamentals+ your next step is taking the CompTIA A+/Server+ course to expand your skills and knowledge, and to prepare for an entry-level IT Technician or Datacenter Technician position.

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